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I have now lost my internet access for good :(

Our old provider changed and we can't get the new one to come in at all way out here in the country. Sadness. I will be looking into other options, but with my limited budget, who knows if I will find anything. (my relatives out here are using verizon plug-ins, but that costs $$)

Currently, I have to beg relatives to use their computers to access the net (like right now), boo. My computer is set up exactly like I want it and it's so fast, this just sucks.

I will be on now and again when I can beg access, but not very regularly, so this is a temporary good-bye. I will try and get on to check LJ at least once a week, so my mag7land team do not worry! I will be there to win us points when I can!

I will miss you all bunches.
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my grandmother was rushed to the hospital yesterday with chest pains. a heart attack was ruled out but they thought it could be pneumonia. she's still admitted today and they think it could be an infection around the heart (plus the pneumonia?). i don't know much more than that, so i'll be away for a while. keep us in your thoughts.
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My doggy has moved on to a better place. info and pics under cut )


Jun. 14th, 2010 08:00 pm
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My parent's computer is so damn slow. I should have brought my own laptop. Their internet is fast and nice now, but their computer is full of useless crap (like the Mcafee virus monster) and slowing everything down. I didn't even bother trying to finish my quote icons. I am going to focus on beta reading a story, then try and fix the dumb computer. I will be checking my messages, but not replying much for a while. It's faster/easier to just read than to try and write also. Miss you all :D


May. 30th, 2010 05:26 pm
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My poor computer came down with a blue screen of death virus Friday. I have been trying many things to fix him without losing my stuff :(

Using my PS3 and g-pa's computer to look up fix-it ideas, and post this. I am bummed because I know I missed the bookmark contest at Mag7Land, yet I had mine all ready to go, now it's lost :(

I will be gone for a while, I think.
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My cousin was killed in a car accident last night. stunned rambling )

Time is short; tell the people who matter to you how you feel now, don't waste another second. You never know when a loved one just won't be there to hear you next time when you feel like letting out a grudging "I love you, you are important to me."

To all my friends and family: I LOVE YOU GUYS!
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Quick fly-by post to let the world know I have not died! I haven't, really.

Here's the reasons why I have been a no-show, in a particular order (called sequential):

Got sick. (evilest of evils, but me bed is comfy)

Got better. (hooray! rejoicing in the land of me)

Had storms = slow shoddy internet (had tantrums over being booted every 3 minutes)

Storms gone = good internet? NO! (had worse tantrums, being booted every 30 seconds)

Internetz went cablooey! - why me? (is sad, no more shiny, pretty interweb for me)

Whole house in giant snit due to internetz withdrawal (relearned the love of my PS3)

Genius Uncle called to the internet gods, made offering, the gods were pleased (yays! \o/)

New internetz providing modem of love arrives (after many days of near deaths/murders, was a cranky, cranky house)

And that brings us to now:

Storms come back = cracky internet, again, ARG! (booted every 5-7 minutes, can't do squat really, is in snit)

To pass time watches Stargate Atlantis (is at season 2, Ronon Dex!)

Also plays PS3 (isn't bad time really)

Getting sick again (evol cousin of evolness! I said stay away from me!!!!)

And now I should hurry and post this because my time of non-cracky internetz service is nearly up and a booting is surely in my future.

Rook: I am nearly done with next chapter, last bit got erased and had to redo it, was very pissed off and had to take a break, hopefully tomorrow you get all.
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In a post a while back I mentioned that my grandmother had gotten breast cancer. I don't think I have ever posted an update on that like I had meant to, so here it is Cancer Update )

And I was tagged by the ever awesome [ profile] spankerella some time ago, and have been meaning to put this up ever since, but bad weather and art distractions have gotten the better of me - until now! *bwa-haha-hah*

1) List 7 habits/quirks/facts about yourself.

2) Tag 7 people to do the same.

3) Don't tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to"

I hate the whole 'Thou Must Taggeth Another' crap. I mean honestly, who put that there, huh? The writer of the meme who just wants their meme to become popular, I think that a meme ought to have to stand on it's own two feetsies, and if it sucks it should die a painful, never to be resurrected again, death.

Enough ranting, on with the show:Learn A Little Something About Me )


Oct. 25th, 2009 07:20 pm
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I hate being sick. I have no clue what I had, maybe a 24-hour flu thing, maybe mild food poisoning? But starting this Thursday night I had the whole 'I am going to puke' feeling, a headache, and just felt yucky. I wanted to sleep to feel better, but couldn't fall asleep, and when I did - it didn't help! I thought about finding a way to hack off my head, or perhaps induce a coma, but no dice. It seems my attachments to my head are more than neck deep, who knew?
Old MVA clip and rest of post )

Ooops! forgot a cut the first time, my bad.
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Ok, I had some real bad news today. It seems my grandma, the one I kinda live with, has breast cancer. poor gran )

In an attempt to cheer me up and get my mind on other things, music meme )

Ok, now that is done and I'm feeling all accomplished, I think I shall go play me some PS2, hmm...guitar hero 3 or heroes of might and magic? Then, after that, I'll probably settle in to read some more Spike centric buffyverse fanfic by BuffyWatcher/JinxWatcher/Jinxi/AJ, who is one of the most awesomest Spike writer I have ever had the pleasure of happening upon. I'm working my through her stories (again for the millionth time) so I can leave feedback for each one at her Spanglish fanfic feedback website, I'm hoping maybe that will encourage a new story or two, lol. (why yes, yes I AM shameless)
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Caught me a case of swine flu (man is that an embarrassing name or what?). It's not hospital worthy or nothing but I've been laid out in bed a few days. And since I work at a school I'll be off all week to make sure I don't spread the wealth to the young'ens. Email and LJ will be checked erratically at times I feel my head will not explode on contact. Just wanted to let ya'll know. *scurries off to try and catch up on some lj posts while the head is in happy med land*
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I love visiting my parents (I don't have to cook for one), but I hate their internet.

My Dad just got an iShuffle (from work for something, I think) and so I told him when I came over this week I'd set it up for him. I had no idea what I was in for. It was a simple install and the program is easy, just I had to download know from the internet...using their turtle slow aol dial-up.

I started the download at about 10:30 am. I left at 12:40 to go to my hair appointment at 1pm. I was at the hair dresser until 4ish (there was a slight wait and I have LONG ass hair, so it takes a while to highlight, I totally love it btw). I went by the mall and bought 2 manga I wanted after - 15 minutes tops, then dropped by my mom's work on the way back to their house to hit the ATM and say "hey".

I was back at their house by 4:45 and it was still downloading!!! All I have to say is I am darn grateful that at least the service never got interrupted and I didn't get booted off, but the damn thing took until around 6ish to be finished downloading. Then it took another hour or so to convert the mp3 files so they could be used on the dumb i-thing...too damn much trouble if you ask me.

But I got it working. And Dad took it with him to work today, so I'll give him a call tonight and see how it went. And explain to him how to add songs from his CDs to it.

Odd Morning

Feb. 1st, 2009 04:37 pm
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Ok, so I apparently slept through the big broo-ha-ha this morning. Well kind of, kind of not. I heard it right outside my window, but loving my sleep like I do I ignored all, put on my headphones, blasted some rock, and went back to sleep! heh

I am currently living with my grandparent out in the country, they own some land and have a ranch (cows, horses, pigs, chickens, etc.), and on this land we have 2 two-story ranch houses, 2 mobile home houses, 1 barn, etc...My grandparents and myself live in one ranch house (it's old but they have wireless internet!), one of my Aunts moved into the other ranch house (it's being fixed up real nice for her, only got some of the upstairs to go yet), my Uncle lives in one mobile home with his family, and my Great Aunt lives in the other mobile home (my Great Grandpa used to live there with her before he died). It's real cool living here and there is always something to do and someone to talk at.

On with the story...

See, early this morning (6-7-8ish?) my Aunt's goose (who has a semi-pet goose really? even if we do live on a ranch) was over here at our yard up on the porch and when my Grandpa went out to feed the animals he shooed it away. Grandpa came back inside and was dressing for church when there was a loud ruckus outside - honking goose, growling/barking sounds, horse whinnies - so he went to investigate. Now, right there is where the key difference between me and most of my family exists, he went to investigate (and most others in my family would have too), but I went back to sleep. Oh, I heard all the noise, even figured the goose was getting attacked maybe killed, I just couldn't bring myself to care that early in the morning on a weekend.

So, out the window Grandpa see my cousin's horse has broken out of it's pen and is off in the cow field. So, he goes out to investigate that and all the noise. Outside and around the corner on the back lawn by the woodpile (we have fireplaces, isn't that lovely?) what should he see but 2 coyotes attacking the goose. He says the goose was still twitching but very much on the dead side, and the coyotes weren't really scared of him much. Well, that is just not on. He comes back inside to get his shotgun and back out he goes, by this time the coyotes were heading off down the canal away from angry-man, but he decides to put some lead in them anyways. It wasn't a fatal shot or anything, unless they get lead poisoning or bleed to death way down the road, but he wanted to discourage them coming back.

So, I heard the ruckus, even heard the extremely loud gun bang, but never bothered to get up or anything. I mean what was I going to do? I wasn't waking early to go chasing a goose or a horse and definitely wasn't going to shoot anything, so why bother getting up, yeah? I was told exactly what happened later when I did get up. I figure I made the smart choice in headphones and sleeping, else I might have had to lug a dead goose around, yick.

Things are never boring around here that's for sure.
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Thanks to [ profile] tygermama we can be disturbed together.

I am Ebola. Hear Your Organs Squelch.
Which Horrible Affliction are you?
A Rum and Monkey disease.

...I am at a loss...and more than slightly disturbed. I was a much more nasty STD but found myself unable to post it, too much for me, lol, ebola is more managable, heh.

Sad Note

Nov. 21st, 2008 11:13 pm
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On a sad note to bum me out and bring my head back down to earth, my Great Grandpa Harry died tonight. I just found out. He was 100.

He went with his daughter and son (my grandpa Roy and great aunt Alice) on a trip to L.A. last week, to Auntie Alice's house, and he had a stroke (maybe a heart attack too) and was put into the hospital down there. He's been having ups and downs all week and finally died tonight. He was so far away that none of us got to visit him and say goodbye.

I last saw him the day before they left for the trip and said "hi luv ya" so, I'm happy about that, but still I wish he was going to be around for some more years. But he will celebrate this Thanksgiving and Christmas with my Great Grandma Hazel, his wife, in heaven instead.

I don't know when the funeral will be, they will have to move him back up here first and arrange everything. But I know I will cry my eyes out. I always cry a lot at funerals. I'm all sad now, but no heavy crying, but then I'll be like Niagra Falls.
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The surgery was for achalasia and acid reflux, it was in two parts (5 hours), first they cut the throat
muscles so far (not all the way through) then they did
a stomach wrap around to stop acid reflux. I had
surgery on wednesday June 11, stayed in the hospital
until friday night the 13th then went home with my mom
to stay with her and dad for a few weeks.

I had to be on a liquid diet at first, then we added soft foods. I lived on the bed and my dad's chair for the first
couple weeks cause my tummy was sore and moving was
evil. As my stomach got better my sides, ribs, and
shoulders started to ache and hurt instead (evil).  On
June 27th I had a follow up appt. and they said I was
doing real well (surprisingly good) and I could slowly
start adding more foods as they feel good to eat, with
red meats and breads last. The doctor also said that
the sore ribs and such was normal and to ice them

I stayed with my parents in Tracy until July 4th
then they brought me home to return to normal life. By
then I could eat more normal foods I have and can
cook, and I could move around and sleep much better
(including drive myself). I have been home a few days
and really enjoy sleeping on my bed, my aches and
pains are mostly gone (though my shoulder and side act
up at night a little sometimes). I am patiently adding
new foods and can't wait till I can start eating fried
food, chips, and bread! I still tire out real fast and
don't run around like a ball of energy (not that I did
before) and fall into bed at night to sleep.

The down sides to being home are: I miss my parents, I miss mom's cooking, and it is very hot and I don't wanna
pay a huge electric bill! I have a follow up appointment on August 1st to make sure everything is a-ok, but it's looking real good so far, and my swallowing is better than it's been in a long while.

Sorry it has taken me so long to report but my parents are still in the stone age and rely on super slow aol dial-up to get online and so all I had the nerves for was to check and delete emails. And when I first got home I was too busy doing everything else that an update got moved back to now  

Any questions?

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Evil Tree crushed my car

My car got hit by a tree. Really.

Ok, here's the story. It has been super windy up here, yeah? We've joked about tornados and hurricanes, but thats jokes! not real, so I wasn't even thinking "hey maybe a tree might blow over onto my car I better watch where I park" when I went to my Grandma Pena's to babysit. My cousin's kid was sweet and slept the whole time, lovely. I was there not even three hours, my grandma had just got back and I was thinking of leaving, when we hear this super loud crack and crash. I look out the door and watch in horror  as the tree I parked under decided to drop a huge ass limb ON TOP OF MY CAR! My car has been under cover or parked no where near trees for weeks and in the three hours its near a tree the damn thing has to fall!! How freakish and rude is that?!?

The good news is that it was a city tree and I was on the street so the city will pay to fix it. The bad news is that it creamed the crap out of my trunk, paints messed up with tree bits still in it, and the spoiler is totally wasted and hanging half off. I got a fiberglass(?) splinter pushing it back up off the ground!

I'm just glad the back windshield didn't break cause the damn branch practically landed on it. So now this weekend I gotta clean out my car and get it ready to be fixed hopefully wednesday/thursday. Yeah so, that was my sucky day.

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