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Pics and Ideas Behind Cut )
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Wow, I totally forgot I had an account here, lol. I have been updating my facebook and other places, but forgot all about LJ - bad me! So, read on for updates! Click me! )
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So, I promised pics of the pup a long time ago - so sorry! Here are a few.

pics below )
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1. Leave a comment to this post - specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

I got a "C" (heh, that sounds like I'm reliving my high school algebra 1 class).Pretty pics and my thoughts await (very gif heavy!) )
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Magnificent Seven Combinations:

2+2 #1a + 2+2 #1b = 2+2 #1c

2+2 #2a + 2+2 #2b = 2+2 #2c

2+2 #3a + 2+2 #3b = 2+2 #3c

2+2 army blues a + 2+2 army blues b = 2+2 army blues c

Magnificent Seven:

Buck on Horse JD on Horse

Cheers Ezra - 10% lend Ezra - Cheers! (gif)

Howdy1 Howdy2 Howdy3

Ezra Alone I'm reading

Maude1 Maude2

Josiah One Naughty Vin - Bang!


Chillax Damon - good Karl - joy Locker Room Yum


Apple Assume the Position Bite Pow!
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So, some ladies and I went and saw Magic Mike today. I went into it not caring about the plot or characters; I was just there for the hot men. I must admit that it was better than I was expecting, not awesome or anything (except the stripping - that was AWESOME!), but I rather liked Mike. Also, the character interactions were pretty realistic (several times I was all "oh, I remember when so-and-so did/said something like that"), so it was better than I thought it would be in that way. It was, however, exactly what I was hoping for hot men wise, yum! I feel a huge picspam coming on!Hot Mens Ahead )
Raining Men 1like the sneak peek? click for more )
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TV Shows to Watch/Rewatchclick for list )With more to come. ;)
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Well, according to The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Personality Test I am a Ravenclaw!

Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose intelligence is surest."

Ravenclaw students tend to be clever, witty, intelligent, and knowledgeable.

And here are some lovely House Pride slogans:

I think I need a blue icon now...

Random Art

Dec. 17th, 2010 10:24 am
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I just realized I hadn't posted a few of my latest graphic creations here yet, and I know a few of you will appreciate them!

A Dean Winchester Gif [edit: click twice to see gif, not sure what the problem is]

Karl Urban's character 'Reaper' from Doom

And Karl Urban's character from The Bourne Supremacy

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Okay, I have been remiss in not posting my cross stitch projects here as often as I ought (I'm way beyond the last post *hangs head*). So, here is a nice big post, with lots of different projects :)


The Pretties )
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Comment with “SHOWTIME!” and I will give you five actors and five actresses. Then post in your journal what your favorite film/show role of theirs is and why.

[ profile] strangevisitor7 gave me these (of course, I often can't pick just one role):


Steve Zahn - Steve )

Gary Oldman - Gary )

Nicolas Cage - Nicolas )

Owen Wilson - Owen )

Will Smith - Will )


Liv Tyler - Liv )

Annette Bening - Annette )

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Catherine )

Rene Russo - Rene )

Rachel McAdams - Rachel )
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Come and join [ profile] mag7bigbang,
Artist Sign-ups close August 22nd

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That's her sister, Holly, that I use in the icon - they look a lot alike, so my doggy will grow up cute guaranteed ;D

She is a cutie, she's a mix - part dachshund and, uh, I forgot. *facepalm* Some kind of terrier or schnauzer, maybe?

Lollipop about a week before I brought her home.

more cute pics here! )

oops! forgot the cut first time *another facepalm*
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Here's how it goes:
01. Comment to this post and I will give you 5 actors and 5 actresses.
02. Then you post in your Livejournal a picture(s) of your favourite movie/show for each person.
03. Repost this so your friends can play too.

[ profile] layla_aaron gave me this list of 5 men and women (quite a while ago, sorry! but I chose many pics to make up for lateness). So, in her particular order, here they are: awesome pretty pictures )
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I am currently working on two cross stitch projects (will show pics in later post) and two writing projects, with a few random drawings and digital paintings tossed in now and again to keep things interesting.

My mag7bigbang idea is coming along, the background stuff is mostly done (except Josiah needs some more work I think, darn well-traveled smarty-man), and the basic outline is looking okay enough to start really pounding the actual written fic out now (most of it is in very rough draft form in my writing journal right now).

The other fic idea is the one that was sparked by my rewrite of the Achilles episode, it's pretty much writing itself at the moment with about 6,000 words so far and plenty of plot left to go. I may stop soon and send it off to a beta to get some feedback and ideas for closure though. If this one keeps going how it is I may have to change it to my bigbang cause who knows if the other will be able to hit the required length if I rarely work on it now, kooky muse.

Added in the last 6 challenges of Cattle Drive #1 to my Team Tanner Post

Added 2 Ezra-Buck icons, 1 Nettie icon, 1 Casey icon, and 3 thumbnails of larger pics (all in my graphics post) to my Icon Post

Also added 3 newest Mag7 graphic pics to my Graphics Post

Next on the LJ agenda - finally post latest cross stitch pics, post 5 "W" songs meme, post 5-by-5 movie/tv faves meme, start Leverage reaction posts for season one before watching season two, do a new LJ stat post, and fix/clean up tags on posts.
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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their well wishes regarding my grandmother and all the support and love regarding my gone doggy.

Grandma had an infection around her heart. It could have been caused/brought on by any number of things, from the cancer she beat to the rheumatic fever she had when younger. The infection was causing inflammation and pain, and also having fluid build up around her heart making it impossible for her to draw in deep breaths. Her blood wasn't getting enough oxygen and it hurt her A LOT to breathe at all. The doctors had her on pain and breathing medicine and regiments while they were figuring out what exactly was wrong, then they put her on the right meds to get rid of the infection. She had to stay in the hospital all week, but once the meds started to work and the pain was gone and she could breathe she just wanted to leave, lol. They made her stay a few days more, just to be sure she was ok and no long term damage had been done (we all hope). We're still waiting for some test results and she has an appointment with a lung doctor next week too, so I'll keep you all updated as I learn stuff.

I still miss my puppy, but I'm doing better. I am going to get one of my Aunt's new puppies when they are old enough (8 weeks, they are 5 weeks now). I will get a girl, who looks more like her sister and mom than her dad. Here are some pics )

I'll be taking some pics of my puppy soon, today probably, and I'll post them later. Ok, I'm off to a birthday party! Love you all *hugs*

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