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Wow, I totally forgot I had an account here, lol. I have been updating my facebook and other places, but forgot all about LJ - bad me! So, read on for updates! Click me! )
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Okay, I have been remiss in not posting my cross stitch projects here as often as I ought (I'm way beyond the last post *hangs head*). So, here is a nice big post, with lots of different projects :)


The Pretties )
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I have created several new top posts to showcase my graphic works, as well as updated my Team Tanner post. Please, come check out all the new pretty and fic.

Magnificent Seven Wallpapers and Pics

My Art & Photomanips

Various Icons

Mag7 Team Tanner Entries Updated

pics up

Jun. 7th, 2010 04:23 am
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An update has been made to my Team Tanner Entry post. My character bookmarks have now been added. Go check them out :) kewl pics

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I have a cross stitch post, but it's all wonky and not showing up as far as I can tell on my friends' pages. So, here is the link My Crafty Pics. Go visit. Comment. Show the lurve.
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Haha! *headsmack* I forgot that I never actually did make that pic post like I said I would, sorry [ profile] elfnight, I suck :(

Better late than never though, right? So, here are my finished products. Pretty Cross-Stitch Pics )

This was started one day, then the internet hated me, so it was finished today. The date was all wonky, I manually fixed it. Is it showing on any friend pages?
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More Pics )
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Ok, so thanks to [ profile] elfnight, aka Little Mouse, and her brilliant anime and manga inspired patterns; (here's one to wet your appetite)

[side note: I know there's no way I could accomplish this as of now, but it's a goal];

I decided to get into counted cross stitching. Here's some basic info:Cross Stitch Pics Ahead )
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Ok, so I have never created a tutorial before, but I felt inspired tonight, so here you go - enjoy. Feel free to comment or message me any questions you have, all the work was done on my parent's Dell PC using The GIMP program and my wacom tablet.

Just click on the pic a few times to get the full size, readable, image.

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So, [ profile] sparrowwritings I like the new Dollhouse crossover fic you're a part of writing. Threw this together for you, hope you like :D

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Ok, I decided to try my hand at moving icons. Ith here you go, a sort of Charlotte in love tribute. It's only my second gif file so hope it's ok.

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Inspired by some comments made by [ profile] dj_aida in [ profile] winks7985 journal.

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Hey All! *waves*

I've just been in an artsy mood today, and I thought I'd post my latest GIMP computer art project. I took "snap shots" during different steps of the process, so I'm going to post it in a WIP step-by-step way. My Art Here )
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Ok, so this Saturday was our annual Tighe Tribe Family Reunion. my long non-special story with pics here )

And now I promised my cousin Matthew we could watch some Jeff Dunham on Netflix instant so I'm off. Luv ya's!
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This looked fun (famous last words), so I opted to try the desktop meme. I hit [prt scr] ok and pasted it into paint ok, go me (only thing done right first try the whole time). I then failed to locate the pic...looking...looking...still f-ing looking...ok, found it! (what the mother f-er is it doing under music cd covers?!!). Try to load it into the blog post...try again...try one more time...take a break for a huge pissy-hissy fit involving throwing things even...I am retarded so it took me like an hour.

I hope you're happy you darn meme people

*grumble grumble goes off to play PS2, so there ><*

That is my eye by the way, and I photo-manipulated it too!
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Comment to this post and I will (try to) give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[ profile] strangevisitor7 gave me these:

1) Fanfiction Reader - I am a total fanfiction nut. I LOVE it. I discovered fanfiction in college on accident when looking up a bet over a Star Trek: Voyager episode. That was the first fandom I read in, but at the time Jr. and Sr. year in college were more fun and exciting than the then current fics in that area, so I only read them now and again. But when I moved into Grad school and left my old friends behind, I started spending more time online and discovered new fandoms, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter. This led to my total devotion to fanfic. I was reading it all the time and always searching for new sites and authors. This then led me to discover deviantArt because a few fics had pics to go with them, and man do I LOVE deviantArt, I have my own page/username there now where I upload tons of my photos and art. A few friends from there and myspace also recommended I try Livejournal, and since there were quite a few of my fave fanfic authors writing on lj, I was all for signing up too. So, that's how I got into things here, and as I've been reading here and chatting new friends it has gotten me into trying to write my own fanfics.

2) Memes - I love memes because they let me post without having to come up with a booty load of original thought, lol. Plus a lot of them are just fun and it's cool to compare your answers to other people's answers. I also like using them to help me cross post at myspace and deviantArt, so my friends there don't think I died.

3) Magnificent Seven - I watched the TV show when it originally came on with my moms and we fell in love with all the guys (Ezra and Vin are our faves), but as usual a good show got canceled and that was that. I forgot all about the show until years and years later I rediscovered it through fanfiction. That was not quite a year ago (I think) and I have been DEVOURING it since. I think I read a crossover fic with Buffy, and went "what? mag7? oh heck yeah!" and started searching for good fic sites. Found blackraptor and was in heaven! I have read every Ezra centric fic at both blackraptor sites and am starting on the all-ezra site next. Plus having to go back and read the new entries, which makes me so happy! There are a ton of really excellent stories and AU's in this fandom, and some super talented writers (quite a few on my f-list, luv). There are some I'd love to see get off the WIP list though, lol. It has wondered up there into my top 3 loves (with Buffy and HP fandoms).

4) Artist - I love art. I have always loved art, and I doodle on everything. I love to draw, color, paint, collage, photomanip, and recently write! I have a deviantArt site where I upload most of my stuff (look up tapena). I just got a WACOM tablet from my parents for my x-mas pressie from santa, so I have been learning how to use my computer to draw and paint - I LOVE it!!! I downloaded the free photoshop like program called GIMP and use it to create digital art and it is so freaking awesome. I drew some fairy art for my mom for her b-day, cause she loves fairies, and am currently using my tablet and GIMP to paint them on the computer to get colors and ideas right, then I will paint them in real life. Her b-day is the 24th, arg! I better get hopping.

5) Icons of You - LOL, yeah. When I started lj I didn't even know what icons were really, so I just uploaded a few pics of me. As I started reading posts and comments the idea of what they are started to slowly kick in, but by that time I had already gotten kind of attached to the ones I had, so I started to try and create a few to have different moods of me! I have others too, but my mood icons are all of me. And this reminds me that I created a new set of me icons! I have to go to my home computer to upload them though, maybe this weekend. But this way every stalker now knows what I look like (if I had stalkers, which I don't).

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