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So, I promised pics of the pup a long time ago - so sorry! Here are a few.

pics below )


Feb. 7th, 2013 01:31 pm
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Well, I've not died or anything like that, just been busy with other things. I still drop by and read my friends page now and again, and occasionally even comment! I enjoy being able to read several entries all in a row. And surprise fic is awesome.

My mother got a Siberian Husky puppy for christmas, and I've been going to her place almost every day to help her out with it. She had originally gotten two puppies, but that turned out to be too much for her to handle while being on her own in the new house, so my parents sold one. Those dogs are expensive!! I'll see if I can find time to post some pics, cause she is a lovely dog.

I recently got a Nook HD+ and have been working out how to use it. Wrote this on it even. It's pretty nifty and I've figured out some fun games. If anyone has suggestions for apps to download, I'd love to hear them.

Drop me a comment if there is anything from the last month or two you think I need to read right away.



Nov. 10th, 2011 03:16 pm
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What the hell LJ? Why are you making me refresh and reload every gods-be-damned page! Why are you hating on me and not taking my comments? WHY!!!!????

Anyone else having issues?
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Ganked from [ profile] lucre_noin

YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I want to know 28 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never really clicked, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't. You are obviously on my flist, so let me know with whom I'm friends!

01✖ Your Middle Name:
02✖ Age:
03✖ Single or Taken:
04✖ Favourite Film:
05✖ Favourite Song or Album:
06✖ Favourite Band/Artist:
07✖ Dirty or Clean:
08✖ Tattoos and/or Piercings:
09✖ Do we know each other outside of LJ?
10✖ What's your philosophy on life?
11✖ Is the bottle half-full or half-empty?
12✖ Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
13✖ What is your favourite memory of us?
14✖ What is your favourite guilty pleasure?
15✖ Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
16✖ You can have three wishes (for yourself)
17✖ Can we get together and make a cake?
18✖ Which country is your spiritual home?
19✖ What is your big weakness?
20✖ Do you think I'm a good person?
21✖ What was your best/favourite subject at school?
22✖ Describe your accent:
23✖ If you could change anything about me, would you?
24✖ What do you wear to sleep?
25✖ Trousers or skirts?
26✖ Cigarettes or alcohol?
27✖ If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
28✖ Will you repost this so I can fill it out for you?
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What the hell did I do yesterday so that I had the creepiest nightmares last night? No, I didn't eat anything weird before bed. No, I didn't watch any scary movies either. I even went to bed early! (well early for me anyways)weak stomachs and the underage need not apply )


Apr. 14th, 2011 11:29 pm
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Just dropping by for a few to say I'm not dead, or sick, or anything bad really, just RL has been quite busy lately and I'm sorry to say LJ is not a priority :(

Thanks to of you for all the B-day wishes *hugs everyone* I had a nice "you're 30 and old now" party that was a pain in the ass to plan and what not, but was a lot of fun on the day :) I got cash money (i can afford gas now yay!), a few giftcards (i have no clue what to buy), picture frames (nice/fun ones), and the coolest little purse-hanger gizmo (that i have used so damn much).

I took my puppy to the vet today to get spayed and she has to stay the night there. I just realized this will be first night I've not spent with her since I got her! Poor thing is probably having fits and I miss my little bed warmer :(

Work is still great (yay!), home life is ok (old people/probs coming back, evil, but i see my mom a lot more often now, so i suppose it evens out), I am not speaking to my ps3 (cause i can't get my Dragon Age: Awakening game to work *pouts*), still watching my way through season one of Supernatural (am on disc5), and I still cross-stitch when I find the time (Tigger x-mas prezzie now).

oh! and i force time to squeeze fanfic reading in here and there as well, natch.
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Come read for a brief update on my life or to ogle the hottie.

oops! forgot the cut earlier, my bad )
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Merry Christmas! Happy New Years! and all that jazz to all my fave f-listers!!!

This message of love comes to you written on my santa claus present this year - an Eee PC!! It's such a cute little mini-laptop and I luvs it already.

I will post cute pics of it and my dog later *off to get dressed for more family get togethers*
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Wishing every one a happy T-Day!

My family is gathered today at my parent's house to share lots of yummy food (like zucchini casserole, apple crumbly, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cheese cake, and so much more)! I will be weighing more after today, guaranteed.

Hope you all are also spending the day with family and friends and GOOD food ;)

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I finally caved and went to the Verizon Wireless store and bought myself an aircard to get online. While I was there I decided to change providers for my phone as well (Verizon gets better signal out in the country where I live) and ported my number over from my old provider. That means I got a way to get online now and a new phone, yay!

My aircard works perfectly and was super easy to install and use. My phone also works awesome and is very nice, the camera on it is SO much better than my old one. I got my first phone (a razer) around 10 years ago and have been using it since, never needed another. So it was a little out of date, lmao!

The new phone is only the cheapest, most basic model they had, so no real bells and whistles, but it is heads and tails above my old one, lol. I keep pushing the wrong buttons on it though, heh, had the old one so long I'm beyond trained. I've been looking around at the games to download, I had bejeweled and solitaire on my old phone and I played them a lot.

Anyone have a recommendation on good downloadable games from Verizon (for a simple basic flip phone)?


Oct. 25th, 2010 10:35 pm
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Went to a wedding on Saturday. It was tons of fun. The colors were orange and white (she loves orange) it was very October too, heh. My whole family was there, and most of my extended family on my Mom's side too, I have lots of pics. Maybe I'll post some this weekend when I get to have internet access at my parents. I danced and ate and sat around having fun and watching drunk people strip (yes really). The table decorations were live goldfish, so I cam home with two fish. If they live a week I'll name them.

I spent Sunday resting from Saturday, lol, did nothing but sleep and read. It was nice, but nothing got done. My poor bigbang fic is stalled at 12,000 words. I really want to finish it on time, but who knows. I need to bets the last 2 chapters of another story too (I started today!). But my art is all done at least :)

[ profile] moogsthewriter if you read this, how did you like the emailed pic?


Oct. 9th, 2010 08:45 pm
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I am currently getting online at my parents house on my mom's new mini-laptop (my new favorite toy evah! want one for x-mas). It's taken me hours just to catch up at yahoo mail and LJ messages! Woes.

I still have no regular service, but I can get on and check my mail and such important stuff (m7land) every other day or so at my auntie alice's, so that's something. Plus, I can come visit my parents and use theirs every other weekend or so, yay!

I am still working on my mag7bigbang story, I really hope I can get it done in time, but I'm not stressing over it anymore. I'm also working on my art for the mag7bigbang, they're coming along ok.

My cross stitching is getting worked on a lot more now, lol, also scrounged up some actual books to read, lmao.

Got my dad to order The Losers on netflix, and I just got Iron Man 2, so a fun weekend is ahead of me :D
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I have now lost my internet access for good :(

Our old provider changed and we can't get the new one to come in at all way out here in the country. Sadness. I will be looking into other options, but with my limited budget, who knows if I will find anything. (my relatives out here are using verizon plug-ins, but that costs $$)

Currently, I have to beg relatives to use their computers to access the net (like right now), boo. My computer is set up exactly like I want it and it's so fast, this just sucks.

I will be on now and again when I can beg access, but not very regularly, so this is a temporary good-bye. I will try and get on to check LJ at least once a week, so my mag7land team do not worry! I will be there to win us points when I can!

I will miss you all bunches.
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Rules: you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself.

1. I LOVE my new job. Being a math tutor rocks. Now, if only it were full time with benefits...

2. I really, really like math. Really.

3. I hate to have to pick favorites of things, I almost never have just one fave.
Rest of the 25 Me Things )
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I am going with the popular and ethical trend of asking all of you out there to respect my wishes and not to cross post anything from my journal (not comments, my replies or links or anything) to Facebook or Twitter. I am not down with this new 'sharing' thing LJ has gotten up to. I would like to keep my LJ life separate and I know everyone knows what I mean and I would ask for your cooperation in this. I will not repost anything of yours without your permission, either.

In other news, I will be AFK for this weekend. I am going out of town for a wedding. My parent's godson, Little Al, is getting married this Saturday. There is also a wedding dinner tonight we are invited to, so I am heading there today with my parents. Yay! for not having to drive.

See you all Sunday :) (unless there is a free wifi connection in our room)
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That's her sister, Holly, that I use in the icon - they look a lot alike, so my doggy will grow up cute guaranteed ;D

She is a cutie, she's a mix - part dachshund and, uh, I forgot. *facepalm* Some kind of terrier or schnauzer, maybe?

Lollipop about a week before I brought her home.

more cute pics here! )

oops! forgot the cut first time *another facepalm*
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I am currently working on two cross stitch projects (will show pics in later post) and two writing projects, with a few random drawings and digital paintings tossed in now and again to keep things interesting.

My mag7bigbang idea is coming along, the background stuff is mostly done (except Josiah needs some more work I think, darn well-traveled smarty-man), and the basic outline is looking okay enough to start really pounding the actual written fic out now (most of it is in very rough draft form in my writing journal right now).

The other fic idea is the one that was sparked by my rewrite of the Achilles episode, it's pretty much writing itself at the moment with about 6,000 words so far and plenty of plot left to go. I may stop soon and send it off to a beta to get some feedback and ideas for closure though. If this one keeps going how it is I may have to change it to my bigbang cause who knows if the other will be able to hit the required length if I rarely work on it now, kooky muse.

Added in the last 6 challenges of Cattle Drive #1 to my Team Tanner Post

Added 2 Ezra-Buck icons, 1 Nettie icon, 1 Casey icon, and 3 thumbnails of larger pics (all in my graphics post) to my Icon Post

Also added 3 newest Mag7 graphic pics to my Graphics Post

Next on the LJ agenda - finally post latest cross stitch pics, post 5 "W" songs meme, post 5-by-5 movie/tv faves meme, start Leverage reaction posts for season one before watching season two, do a new LJ stat post, and fix/clean up tags on posts.
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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their well wishes regarding my grandmother and all the support and love regarding my gone doggy.

Grandma had an infection around her heart. It could have been caused/brought on by any number of things, from the cancer she beat to the rheumatic fever she had when younger. The infection was causing inflammation and pain, and also having fluid build up around her heart making it impossible for her to draw in deep breaths. Her blood wasn't getting enough oxygen and it hurt her A LOT to breathe at all. The doctors had her on pain and breathing medicine and regiments while they were figuring out what exactly was wrong, then they put her on the right meds to get rid of the infection. She had to stay in the hospital all week, but once the meds started to work and the pain was gone and she could breathe she just wanted to leave, lol. They made her stay a few days more, just to be sure she was ok and no long term damage had been done (we all hope). We're still waiting for some test results and she has an appointment with a lung doctor next week too, so I'll keep you all updated as I learn stuff.

I still miss my puppy, but I'm doing better. I am going to get one of my Aunt's new puppies when they are old enough (8 weeks, they are 5 weeks now). I will get a girl, who looks more like her sister and mom than her dad. Here are some pics )

I'll be taking some pics of my puppy soon, today probably, and I'll post them later. Ok, I'm off to a birthday party! Love you all *hugs*
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my grandmother was rushed to the hospital yesterday with chest pains. a heart attack was ruled out but they thought it could be pneumonia. she's still admitted today and they think it could be an infection around the heart (plus the pneumonia?). i don't know much more than that, so i'll be away for a while. keep us in your thoughts.

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