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Pics and Ideas Behind Cut )
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Magnificent Seven Combinations:

2+2 #1a + 2+2 #1b = 2+2 #1c

2+2 #2a + 2+2 #2b = 2+2 #2c

2+2 #3a + 2+2 #3b = 2+2 #3c

2+2 army blues a + 2+2 army blues b = 2+2 army blues c

Magnificent Seven:

Buck on Horse JD on Horse

Cheers Ezra - 10% lend Ezra - Cheers! (gif)

Howdy1 Howdy2 Howdy3

Ezra Alone I'm reading

Maude1 Maude2

Josiah One Naughty Vin - Bang!


Chillax Damon - good Karl - joy Locker Room Yum


Apple Assume the Position Bite Pow!
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I am currently working on two cross stitch projects (will show pics in later post) and two writing projects, with a few random drawings and digital paintings tossed in now and again to keep things interesting.

My mag7bigbang idea is coming along, the background stuff is mostly done (except Josiah needs some more work I think, darn well-traveled smarty-man), and the basic outline is looking okay enough to start really pounding the actual written fic out now (most of it is in very rough draft form in my writing journal right now).

The other fic idea is the one that was sparked by my rewrite of the Achilles episode, it's pretty much writing itself at the moment with about 6,000 words so far and plenty of plot left to go. I may stop soon and send it off to a beta to get some feedback and ideas for closure though. If this one keeps going how it is I may have to change it to my bigbang cause who knows if the other will be able to hit the required length if I rarely work on it now, kooky muse.

Added in the last 6 challenges of Cattle Drive #1 to my Team Tanner Post

Added 2 Ezra-Buck icons, 1 Nettie icon, 1 Casey icon, and 3 thumbnails of larger pics (all in my graphics post) to my Icon Post

Also added 3 newest Mag7 graphic pics to my Graphics Post

Next on the LJ agenda - finally post latest cross stitch pics, post 5 "W" songs meme, post 5-by-5 movie/tv faves meme, start Leverage reaction posts for season one before watching season two, do a new LJ stat post, and fix/clean up tags on posts.
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I have created several new top posts to showcase my graphic works, as well as updated my Team Tanner post. Please, come check out all the new pretty and fic.

Magnificent Seven Wallpapers and Pics

My Art & Photomanips

Various Icons

Mag7 Team Tanner Entries Updated

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Just a heads up to let you know that I updated my Contest Entries post. It now contains my recent wins and a bunch of ICONS that I made for challenges.
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Ok, I decided to try my hand at moving icons. Ith here you go, a sort of Charlotte in love tribute. It's only my second gif file so hope it's ok.

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Hey! I had to do one too, all the fun peoples are.Pictures of my LiveJournal Friends )

Try out this Meme

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