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Wow, I totally forgot I had an account here, lol. I have been updating my facebook and other places, but forgot all about LJ - bad me! So, read on for updates! Click me! )
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So, I finally got all trophies and 100%'d two lego PS3 video games tonight. Go me!

Lego Lord of the Rings
I actually 100%'d the game a long while ago but had not gotten all of the trophies (because it was taking forever to earn 10 billion lego studs). The last two trophies I needed were One Ring to build them all. - collect every trophy, and Delved too greedily... - collect more than 10,000,000,000 studs. I collected a ton of them through normal gameplay and then a bunch more after as I gathered trophies, but I was still short. I started tonight with around 8 billion studs. I mostly played as Legolas with the mythril triple shot bow and switched to others as needed to clear out a couple of areas on the world map - Minas Tirith, Bree, and Hobbiton. Wonder of wonders, I finally reached the magical number and nabbed my final trophies - yay!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes
I figured out the best way for me to win car races was to use a motorcycle because they are easier to squeeze by obstacles and go really fast. My fave is ghost rider's cycle because it has flames and there is a wicked skid mark behind as you drive.

For the Maria Hill go cart races I started off by ramming into her, which let me be in front and cost her time to get straightened out. Then I just had to finish the race perfectly. Yeah, that is not as easy as you might think. That first race took a long freaking time to beat because I kept messing up my turns. The second race I beat on the first try, go figure. Oh! Make sure you use a character that can fly for these races because when you lose the tracks and carts just vanish from under you and down you fall.

As for the flying races, I sucked so bad at them all that I left them for the very last things I had to complete. I had only 10 gold bricks to go and one character (Silver Surfer). That means I did them all today! Why, yes, yes I did finally figure out the trick to flying. So, for me the only way I can properly fly is to use a flying character, like Iron Man, no flying vehicles whatsoever! Then I have to completely forget about the right joy stick and use the buttons to control my up/ down height - SO VERY frelling hard to get the hang of that bit. Then I have to run the race a few times to memorize the route basics and get my mind in the groove, and then bam! Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
This one is the only lego game I have been unable to complete. I have 99% done but that last 1% is killing me! And I only have 82% of the trophies - they suck. I still play it now and again trying to finish it up (like right now), but the whole thing is a pain in the rear.


Feb. 7th, 2013 01:31 pm
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Well, I've not died or anything like that, just been busy with other things. I still drop by and read my friends page now and again, and occasionally even comment! I enjoy being able to read several entries all in a row. And surprise fic is awesome.

My mother got a Siberian Husky puppy for christmas, and I've been going to her place almost every day to help her out with it. She had originally gotten two puppies, but that turned out to be too much for her to handle while being on her own in the new house, so my parents sold one. Those dogs are expensive!! I'll see if I can find time to post some pics, cause she is a lovely dog.

I recently got a Nook HD+ and have been working out how to use it. Wrote this on it even. It's pretty nifty and I've figured out some fun games. If anyone has suggestions for apps to download, I'd love to hear them.

Drop me a comment if there is anything from the last month or two you think I need to read right away.

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Come and join [ profile] mag7bigbang,
Sign-ups start July 16th, 2012.

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So, some ladies and I went and saw Magic Mike today. I went into it not caring about the plot or characters; I was just there for the hot men. I must admit that it was better than I was expecting, not awesome or anything (except the stripping - that was AWESOME!), but I rather liked Mike. Also, the character interactions were pretty realistic (several times I was all "oh, I remember when so-and-so did/said something like that"), so it was better than I thought it would be in that way. It was, however, exactly what I was hoping for hot men wise, yum! I feel a huge picspam coming on!Hot Mens Ahead )
Raining Men 1like the sneak peek? click for more )
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Come read for a brief update on my life or to ogle the hottie.

oops! forgot the cut earlier, my bad )
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Merry Christmas! Happy New Years! and all that jazz to all my fave f-listers!!!

This message of love comes to you written on my santa claus present this year - an Eee PC!! It's such a cute little mini-laptop and I luvs it already.

I will post cute pics of it and my dog later *off to get dressed for more family get togethers*
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Wishing every one a happy T-Day!

My family is gathered today at my parent's house to share lots of yummy food (like zucchini casserole, apple crumbly, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cheese cake, and so much more)! I will be weighing more after today, guaranteed.

Hope you all are also spending the day with family and friends and GOOD food ;)

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I finally caved and went to the Verizon Wireless store and bought myself an aircard to get online. While I was there I decided to change providers for my phone as well (Verizon gets better signal out in the country where I live) and ported my number over from my old provider. That means I got a way to get online now and a new phone, yay!

My aircard works perfectly and was super easy to install and use. My phone also works awesome and is very nice, the camera on it is SO much better than my old one. I got my first phone (a razer) around 10 years ago and have been using it since, never needed another. So it was a little out of date, lmao!

The new phone is only the cheapest, most basic model they had, so no real bells and whistles, but it is heads and tails above my old one, lol. I keep pushing the wrong buttons on it though, heh, had the old one so long I'm beyond trained. I've been looking around at the games to download, I had bejeweled and solitaire on my old phone and I played them a lot.

Anyone have a recommendation on good downloadable games from Verizon (for a simple basic flip phone)?


Oct. 25th, 2010 10:35 pm
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Went to a wedding on Saturday. It was tons of fun. The colors were orange and white (she loves orange) it was very October too, heh. My whole family was there, and most of my extended family on my Mom's side too, I have lots of pics. Maybe I'll post some this weekend when I get to have internet access at my parents. I danced and ate and sat around having fun and watching drunk people strip (yes really). The table decorations were live goldfish, so I cam home with two fish. If they live a week I'll name them.

I spent Sunday resting from Saturday, lol, did nothing but sleep and read. It was nice, but nothing got done. My poor bigbang fic is stalled at 12,000 words. I really want to finish it on time, but who knows. I need to bets the last 2 chapters of another story too (I started today!). But my art is all done at least :)

[ profile] moogsthewriter if you read this, how did you like the emailed pic?


Oct. 9th, 2010 08:45 pm
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I am currently getting online at my parents house on my mom's new mini-laptop (my new favorite toy evah! want one for x-mas). It's taken me hours just to catch up at yahoo mail and LJ messages! Woes.

I still have no regular service, but I can get on and check my mail and such important stuff (m7land) every other day or so at my auntie alice's, so that's something. Plus, I can come visit my parents and use theirs every other weekend or so, yay!

I am still working on my mag7bigbang story, I really hope I can get it done in time, but I'm not stressing over it anymore. I'm also working on my art for the mag7bigbang, they're coming along ok.

My cross stitching is getting worked on a lot more now, lol, also scrounged up some actual books to read, lmao.

Got my dad to order The Losers on netflix, and I just got Iron Man 2, so a fun weekend is ahead of me :D
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Rules: you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself.

1. I LOVE my new job. Being a math tutor rocks. Now, if only it were full time with benefits...

2. I really, really like math. Really.

3. I hate to have to pick favorites of things, I almost never have just one fave.
Rest of the 25 Me Things )
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That's her sister, Holly, that I use in the icon - they look a lot alike, so my doggy will grow up cute guaranteed ;D

She is a cutie, she's a mix - part dachshund and, uh, I forgot. *facepalm* Some kind of terrier or schnauzer, maybe?

Lollipop about a week before I brought her home.

more cute pics here! )

oops! forgot the cut first time *another facepalm*
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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their well wishes regarding my grandmother and all the support and love regarding my gone doggy.

Grandma had an infection around her heart. It could have been caused/brought on by any number of things, from the cancer she beat to the rheumatic fever she had when younger. The infection was causing inflammation and pain, and also having fluid build up around her heart making it impossible for her to draw in deep breaths. Her blood wasn't getting enough oxygen and it hurt her A LOT to breathe at all. The doctors had her on pain and breathing medicine and regiments while they were figuring out what exactly was wrong, then they put her on the right meds to get rid of the infection. She had to stay in the hospital all week, but once the meds started to work and the pain was gone and she could breathe she just wanted to leave, lol. They made her stay a few days more, just to be sure she was ok and no long term damage had been done (we all hope). We're still waiting for some test results and she has an appointment with a lung doctor next week too, so I'll keep you all updated as I learn stuff.

I still miss my puppy, but I'm doing better. I am going to get one of my Aunt's new puppies when they are old enough (8 weeks, they are 5 weeks now). I will get a girl, who looks more like her sister and mom than her dad. Here are some pics )

I'll be taking some pics of my puppy soon, today probably, and I'll post them later. Ok, I'm off to a birthday party! Love you all *hugs*
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I have created several new top posts to showcase my graphic works, as well as updated my Team Tanner post. Please, come check out all the new pretty and fic.

Magnificent Seven Wallpapers and Pics

My Art & Photomanips

Various Icons

Mag7 Team Tanner Entries Updated


Jun. 3rd, 2010 04:12 pm
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I don't want to jinx myself, but the virus is gone! I finally fixed old Juan Carlos Mark II, it only took, what? Five days? *laughs at inept self*

I lost some stuff, as I had to roll back to a previous save point, but nothing major, thank you god! I was so worried I'd lose the pics I took from the funeral, they hadn't been saved any where else yet, but now they are safe.

I suppose I could see this as a lesson to back up my shit more often, huh? I even have the external HD to do it on; you can all guess that sloth is my cardinal sin, yeah?

Oh, yeah! Thanks to whoever sent me a royal flush v-gift! That was quite nice :)

Holy Crap!

Mar. 19th, 2010 04:22 am
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I was nominated for an Ezzie!

My reaction, "Holy shit, is that my name? My god, that is me! Holy Shit!!" Look here, under Best Old West Gen Short Story, mine is the 10th or 11th one down! The Christmas Ride by tpena. That's my story, hee! :D

I am that total cliche person who says "it's an honor just being nominated", I really am. I wouldn't say no to a placing, but damn I am so stoked just knowing I made the list. There are so many talented writers on there, and some of my fave stories (hee), that this just blew me away. I don't expect to actually win anything better than this feeling - so happy right now. I can't wait to tell my parents about it tomorrow (they're in bed now, old fogeys).

I have no clue how long I've been on the list. Because, first off, my internet has been wonky for a while now (I live in the country and storms, which we have had a ton of lately, mess with the signal, plus! we lost our modem and had to wait to get a new one), so I couldn't check. Then, the pain joy of a spotty internet is that you choose your places of visitation very wisely. Meaning that I checked email and places where others communicate with me at (like deviantart and livejournal), very rarely do I wonder off to other places, such leads to frustration (not that I don't get that anyway, arg).

I never, ever expected to ever be nominated so I never bothered to check the lists for my name. In fact, I just saw my name tonight on a post [ profile] pezgirl7 sent out to the [ profile] mag7fans community, thus my huge surprise. I have no idea who nommed me, but THANK YOU! I just had to run off and post about it in glee immediately.

Once again, I am a nominee! and THANKS! to whoever made it so.
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[ profile] conjured_1 had this posted on her lj and I thought I would pass it on. If you have the time, please watch the vid, it's truly AMAZING.Sand Drawing )

If you prefer wide screen:

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In a post a while back I mentioned that my grandmother had gotten breast cancer. I don't think I have ever posted an update on that like I had meant to, so here it is Cancer Update )

And I was tagged by the ever awesome [ profile] spankerella some time ago, and have been meaning to put this up ever since, but bad weather and art distractions have gotten the better of me - until now! *bwa-haha-hah*

1) List 7 habits/quirks/facts about yourself.

2) Tag 7 people to do the same.

3) Don't tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to"

I hate the whole 'Thou Must Taggeth Another' crap. I mean honestly, who put that there, huh? The writer of the meme who just wants their meme to become popular, I think that a meme ought to have to stand on it's own two feetsies, and if it sucks it should die a painful, never to be resurrected again, death.

Enough ranting, on with the show:Learn A Little Something About Me )
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I was asked what I got as a present for Christmas this year, some weeks back, and I swore I would post pics showing all my stash, yeah...oops?

But I have them now! So here (behind the cut), in a particular order, are my goodies. Prezzies! )

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