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Wow, I totally forgot I had an account here, lol. I have been updating my facebook and other places, but forgot all about LJ - bad me! So, read on for updates! Click me! )
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Title: THE PLAN: Diversionary Methods
Author: [ profile] tpena19
Rating: Gen, PG-13
Fandom Universe: Magnificent Seven: Old West
Genre: Humor
Characters: Ezra, Vin, the rest of the boys
Disclaimer: I don't own Mag7 and I make no money off this.
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: Yes, for some episodes, but mostly just in general.
Prompt/Summary: PLAYFUL - Vin spots a potential problem and engages Ezra to defuse it.
Author's Note: This is an Ezra heavy picspam with plot and dialog based on the prompt PLAYFUL for the challenge community [ profile] m7land.

THE PLAN: Diversionary Methods

Huh...things sure have been boring as all heck around here lately. Larabee is starting to get a bit stir crazy, been glaring at livestock and townsfolk alike. I think this calls for a little di-ver-sion. And who does diversion best? Hey Ez, I need to talk at ya.

On with the Show )
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Ganked from many around my f-list.

Give me a character and I will tell you my:
+ otp for them.
+ runner-up pairing.
+ honorable mention(s).
+ crack pairing(s).
+ ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.
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This fic is dedicated to [ profile] pezgirl7 since the idea spawned (and then took on a life of it's own) after leaving her a present under her virtual tree and commenting.

Me: *left reindeer under tree* This was the closest thing to a horse I could find, I figure you and the boys can ride this for the season, lol.

Pez Girl: Your gift made me LOL. I can just imagine Ezra's reaction to having to ride on a reindeer. Vin would probably hop right on. :)

ME: Vin and JD would be all for it, of course, and I could see Josiah and Buck being talked into it pretty easy too. But I'm thinking it'd be a bit more difficult to talk Chris, Nathan, and Ezra into it, heh.

Title: The Christmas Ride or How Chris Larabee Came to Have a Personal Grudge Against St. Nick
Author: tpena19, Tiffany, It's Me (duh)
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven: Old West
Characters: Buck, Chris, Ezra, JD, Josiah, Nathan, Vin, and reindeer.
Rating: PG-15, Gen (no pairings)
Disclaimer: I make no money and no copyright infringement is intended, the Mag7 boys belong to MGM, Mirisch and Trilogy. Santa owns the reindeer.
Word Count: 12,325 (for whole post), 11,940 (for just the story)
Warnings: Some cussin' (it's a crazy situation, excuse the boys)
Spoilers: Set in nonspecific OW time line, spoilers for basic understanding of Mag7 (and fanon characteristics).
Author's Notes: Random Christmas Crack!Fic dedicated to Pez Girl. No actual reindeer were hurt in the making of this fic.
A/N 2: Oh, wow! Many thanks to whoever nominated this story for a 2009 Ezzie Award, thanks bunches for liking the story that much. I greatly appreciate it.
Beta: [ profile] jojosimco Now with new beta-y goodness. Thank you, JoJo!
Summary: The boys are stranded up a mountain on Christmas night without a way back home...or are they?

On to the Story )
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And a happy birthday to [ profile] ms_artisan where I go to get my loverly Drifterverse fix ;) Who also has some great fic recs, thanks :D

The Boys Want to Wish You a happy Day )
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First off Happy Birthday to [ profile] dhesia from me :D
And here's some fun pics )

And also Happy Birthday to [ profile] strangevisitor7 from me :D
And here are some hot pics )

Happy B-day once again to you both!
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1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed if you want questions.
2 - I will respond and I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

I was asked these questions by [ profile] banana_cave

1. Who's your favorite actor and why?
2. What are your five desert island movies? (Movies you'll be watching for the rest of your life).
3. What's your favorite icon and why?
4. What's your favorite joke?
5. What are you up to these days? My 5 Answers )

Thank you.
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Ok, I decided to try my hand at moving icons. Ith here you go, a sort of Charlotte in love tribute. It's only my second gif file so hope it's ok.

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Inspired by some comments made by [ profile] dj_aida in [ profile] winks7985 journal.

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Heard around the grapevine that it was your b-day, I casually let slip that you'd probably earned a gift for all the time and effort you put forth for Ezra and the rest of guys. Here's what he came up's Ez, what can you say?

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Well, I have read a lot of Mag7 fic and some ideas get repeated over and over and become fanon, other ideas are so good they deserve to be reused, and then there is the strange stuff that resides in just my head. It is really hard sometimes to tell whether an idea has gotten life in my mind or whether it was birthed elsewhere and grown up in there. huge ATF plot bunny awaits )
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snagged from [ profile] strangevisitor7

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

I only have one WIP, and it's my first real fanfic attempt (wrote part of an original story years ago, I'll have to try and finish it too), so I'll post a few sentences.

1) Taken as a whole, it is more than obvious one of the reasons why this man is god chosen - he is simply breathtaking, even when sick and hurt, and not physically at his best. Denai can only imagine the beauty the young man must glow with when healthy. Yet for of all that, beauty is not enough to be a god's chosen. Denai has seen many a desirable person in his life, but this is the first god chosen seen by any in ages. There must be much more to this man than good looks. (all re:Ezra, and Denai is an OMC)

So what do ya think? Be brutal, but not cruel!!

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