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Happy Independence Day to all my American list-sibs, and Happy (late) Canada Day to my Canadian ones, and to the rest of ya, just have a great freaking day!

This vid stolen from [ profile] layla_aaron

Other Fun Vids )
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Here you go; some of the pics I had gathered for your b-day! Everyone is welcome to come drool!

Awesome Old/New School Picspam )
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And a happy birthday to [ profile] ms_artisan where I go to get my loverly Drifterverse fix ;) Who also has some great fic recs, thanks :D

The Boys Want to Wish You a happy Day )
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Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a good time :D

Here's some yummy for you cuties )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] jinxed_wood

Have some cake :) and tons of fun!!
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First off Happy Birthday to [ profile] dhesia from me :D
And here's some fun pics )

And also Happy Birthday to [ profile] strangevisitor7 from me :D
And here are some hot pics )

Happy B-day once again to you both!
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So, [ profile] sparrowwritings I like the new Dollhouse crossover fic you're a part of writing. Threw this together for you, hope you like :D

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Ok, I decided to try my hand at moving icons. Ith here you go, a sort of Charlotte in love tribute. It's only my second gif file so hope it's ok.

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Heard around the grapevine that it was your b-day, I casually let slip that you'd probably earned a gift for all the time and effort you put forth for Ezra and the rest of guys. Here's what he came up's Ez, what can you say?

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Happy b-day [ profile] sallymn Hope you had fun and spent it with friends.

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Hope you have a great day and may all your wishes come true. Stay cool. :)
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So in honor of Pez - some more hotties click me )

edit: I don't know if you noticed, but YES I do have a thing for nice chests!!
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Dare to think the impossible. Hope you had fun!!

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Happy, Happy, Birthday [ profile] mithril_56
Spike and Angel wish you the best too I'm sure. Here's to hoping thing are going spiffing for the book (and that we see some fanfic soonish?).
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[ profile] sfulton229 on the 8th and [ profile] winks7985 on the 10th
Have a hug from the disney star of your choice, or heck, why not both!

Sorry it's late, been busy in rl lately.
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Here's wishes for a happy day to [ profile] xeelia

And here are a few to make you smile behind the cut. Wanna See Yummy? )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAYS! [ profile] quietcontrary and [ profile] egorstandish

Hope you both had fun and relaxing weekends!

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