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1. Leave a comment to this post - specifically saying that you would like a letter.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.

I got a "C" (heh, that sounds like I'm reliving my high school algebra 1 class).

1. Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez: An ex-black-ops special forces soldier and member of a CIA led team from the movie The Losers. He's a guy with a super high skill set (sniper rifle!), and an amazing ability to snark without saying a word. He's got a sniper mentality, he's laconic as hell, and his strongest connection in the team is to the gregarious tech - Jake Jensen (oh, wait, that last bit may just be my personal head cannon leaking through, heh). He has a bit of a hat fetish (best line "Never touch the hat."). I am extremely partial to 'movie cannon only' fics and comic fix-it fics that keep this BAMF alive! He has such an uncool ending in the comics, but that is exactly what fanfic is for fixing, right? He's a great guy for cross-over fics too, Leverage and Mag7 are a few of my faves.
Cougar 2

2. Clint "Hawkeye" Barton: An agent with S.H.I.E.L.D. and a master archer from the movie The Avengers. He's a guy with a super high skill set (bow!), and a wonderful tendency towards sarcasm. He joins the Avenger Team, but he's not your typical superhero (none of the team are, really, well, except Captain A). He's got a sniper mentality, he's a bit of an outcast, and the person he's closest to is Black Widow - assassin extraordinaire. He knows his limitations, but has a sense of confidence due to his kick ass skills. He's also got a role in the movie that's made for fanfic expansion! The whole 'brainwashed by the awesome baddie into being his right-hand man' thing is absolutely rife with potential for epic fan exploration. As a bonus he's played by Jeremy Renner, who is amazing and is also currently one of my top 5 favorite actors.
Hawkeye Shooting

3. Captain Jack Sparrow (that totally counts!): A pirate captain and a searcher after eternal life from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He's a guy with uncanny skill and uncertain ability, and an unparalleled gift at backchat. He's definitely not your typical pirate, entirely too good looking for one, also he's a bit too laidback and he spends more time trying to get his ship back than actually pillaging or plundering with it (do we ever actually see him do these things in any of the 4 movies?). He's a bit of a loner, kind of crazy (in a genius sort of way), and has an obsession with rum (best line "Why is the rum gone?"). His closest connection seems to be with his first mate, Gibbs (and my mind goes to NCIS every time, lol), but he also tends to temporarily misplace the man a lot. He is very charismatic (isn't it lovely the things he talks Will into?, or maybe that's my head cannon again, lol), honorable (in his own pirate code way), and confident, especially in love (exactly how many times do we seen him get bitch-slapped?). I like fics that explore the reasoning behind his whole drunk/crazy demeanor, and/or let him get one over on Elizabeth (she killed him!).
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow

4. Chris Larabee: A...well, he's been pretty much everything there is to be, if there's an occupation he's missed I'm sure it'll show up in a new AU soon. On the TV show The Magnificent Seven he's a gunslinger and self-named bad element. He's a guy with a high skill set (guns!), and an awesome glare (or maybe that's just fannon). He's got a leader mentality, he's short worded and shorter tempered (though that could be fannon too, heh), and his strongest connection in the team is to the laconic tracker - Vin Tanner (though their mindmeld/telepathic connection is pure fannon...I'm pretty sure, lol). He's a widower (his family was murdered in a fire), who doesn't seem overly excited to remarry anytime soon (sorry Mary!), and he unofficially heads the seven peacekeepers of Four Corners (dusty little nothing town). He drinks too much and wears a lot of black, and he has some real issues with trust. It can be real hard to keep cannon facts and fannon facts straight about any character from this show, including Chris, as the Mag7 boys have been ported out to a nearly uncountable number of Alternate Universes, including the most popular modern day revamp that made the boys ATF agents. And though I'm an Ezra girl, I find that I like Chris to be a main character too, though not always as a good guy - he really makes an excellent antagonist.
Chris Larabee

5. Crichton, John: An astronaut/test-pilot and a man shipwrecked in space, sort of, from the TV show Farscape. He's a guy with a high skill set (brains!), who adapts quickly, and he's almost as smart as his mouth. He joins a bunch of escaped prisoners on a liberated living ship, Moya, but he's not exactly there of his own free will, or not at first anyway. He's completely out of his element (out of his solar system), he's a bit of an outcast at first (first contact is not all it's cracked up to be), and the person he's closest to is a Peacekeeper (jailer) who tried to kill them all. He's always pushing past his limits, and grows to actually deserve his cocky confidence due to his new kick ass skills. As a bonus he's played by Ben Browder, who is lovely and so very yum. I actually haven't read much fic for this show, what I have read tends to be John/Chiana as I like the plotty-ness required to ship them well (as opposed to with Aeryn = cannon). Though now that I've thought on it a bit more, I am intrigued by the possibilities behind a cross-over with SG1 with Cam = John...I shall have to search some out on the net.

Honorable Mentions:

6. Caffrey, Neal (who I would have absolutely picked excepting the fact that I've never even seen a full episode of White Collar and all my knowledge is secondhand and fanfic based):

7. Captain America (Steve Rodgers):

8. Cameron Mitchell
(AKA John Crichton, does anyone know of x-over fics that explore such an idea?):

9. Castiel
(who I also would have loved to pick except I've also never seen a full episode of Supernatural with him in it and all my knowledge of angel boy is secondhand and fanfic based):

10. Cupid:

11. Connor MacManus:

12. Caleb Danvers
(why isn't there more The Covenant fanfiction? those boys are so made for fanfic, though I prefer Reid over Caleb):

13. Coulson, Phil:

Anyone else notice a few themes going on here? (I SO have a type) good-looking, capable, sarcastic...
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